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Personal Injury Attorney in Woodland Hills, California

Mr. Drake has been a successful trial attorney for almost thirty years. Mr. Myers has been a lawyer for over a decade and ran the San Fernando Valley Injury Law Center prior to joining Mr. Drake's firm. Between them, Mr. Drake and Mr. Myers are able to offer the highest caliber of representation to clients who have suffered a serious or catastrophic personal injury, or who have lost a loved one, due to another's negligence or wrongful conduct.

With decades of experience handling medical malpractice defense in Woodland Hills, California, and the San Fernando Valley area, we now bring that experience to work for plaintiffs who have been victims of medical or dental negligence, such as birth-related injuries or a wrong diagnosis. In addition, we handle all other types of personal injury and wrongful death cases including (but not limited to):

Vehicular Negligence - Injuries caused by another person's negligent operation of a motor vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bus, train, airplane, ship, etc.). These can include rear-end accidents and/or freeway accidents.

Premises Liability- Injuries caused by a dangerous condition on another person's property, including "slip and fall" cases.

Negligent Security - Injuries that would not have occurred if the person responsible for the premises had proper security measures in place (for example, if you are mugged in a parking lot of a store, and the store knew that muggings were common there but still did not hire a security guard, or if a school knew that a certain child had a history of assaulting students, but still failed to take precautions to prevent an assault on your child).

Product Liability - Injuries caused by a defective product.

Intentional Forts- Any physical, emotional or financial harm caused intentionally by another person, such as assault, battery, false imprisonment, or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Fight for Just Compensation

NOTE: If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, and you think another person or company is at fault, you should consult with an attorney right away, even if it is not our law firm. Time may be of the essence in documenting the claim, preserving evidence, or filing a claim.

We mostly limit our practice to cases involving serious catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death. Examples of serious injuries may include back injuries, nerve damage, and many birth-related injuries. The limitation allows us to specialize in the issues that are important in such cases. Because only take what we consider to be strong, high-value cases, we are able to charge lower rates and still provide extensive personal attention to each client and each case.

For personal injury and wrongful death clients, we offer the following benefits:

Free Initial Consultation.

You can speak to a lawyer by telephone or in-person (and in some cases, we can come to you) for a free consultation about your case. This consultation does not obligate you to hire our firm.

Free Estimate of What We Think Your Case Is Worth

We can never guarantee victory or any particular result for any client. However, if you get a free consultation, you can also request a free estimate from one of our attorneys who will tell you what he or she feels your case is worth based on the information provided to us at your initial consultation. This is a "no obligation" service-- we will provide the estimate whether or not we take your case.

We Charge No Fee Unless You Win

We can take your case on contingency, which means our legal fee will be a percentage of your final recovery. If you do not obtain any recovery, we get no fee. (Note, if you prefer, we are also willing to take these cases for an hourly rate, in which cases our fees are not contingent and are paid whether you win or lose.)

We GUARANTEE Our Contingent Rates Are Lowest

Generally, our clients are seeking the best lawyers, not the cheapest lawyers, and the cost is not a critical factor. However, by being selective about the cases we take, we are able to profit while charging contingency fee rates that are lower than most firms. Thus, we can guarantee that if a client finds another firm whose standard contingency fee rates are lower than ours for substantially the same services, we will match their rates plus refund 10% of our fee to the client (up to$5,000). (Please note that we may sometimes take a case that we feel involves an unusual amount of risk or work, such that we negotiate a higher than usual contingency fee rate, and such cases are expressly excluded from this guarantee.)

Flexible Appointment Locations and Times

Our normal business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. However, to accommodate clients and potential clients, we can make appointments outside of these times and on weekends. In addition, if you cannot come to either our Woodland Hills office or Santa Barbara office, we can have an attorney come to you.

Help Seeking An Advance On Your Potential Recovery

We have experience dealing with companies that offer cash advances on legal claims. We can assist you in contacting and applying for such an advance on your claim. (Please note that such advances are usually only provided on high-value cases where liability is very clear, and we cannot guarantee you will receive such an advance.)

Help Obtaining Medical Care

If we take your case and you still need medical care, we may be able to help you locate the best specialists to address your needs, and, in some cases, we will advance the costs of medical care for our clients. Call or reach out to our office today if you need help in Woodland Hills, California, or the San Fernando Valley area.