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Where To Store Personal Belongings And Important Legal Documents Safely?

Jan. 23, 2020

Q, My mother is 89 years old and wants to make sure all of her belongings and essential documents are safely stored and will be easily accessible to her children when she passes. These include legal documents as well as precious items such photographs, diaries and creative writings. Are there services that handle the safe storage of these kinds of documents?

A. Yes. There are a number of End-of-Life planning and document storage websites that may serve your families needs.

End-of-Life planning is an essential conversation for elders to have with their children or caregiver. Failing to engage in these discussions can turn into chaos for the surviving family as they search for important end of life documents to resolve inheritance issues and to make sure the deceased has her wishes honored in a organized and respectful way.

End-of-Life planning and document storage sites have emerged as a means to create, plan and securely store critical documents, instructions and passwords needed to ensure a peaceful passing. End-of-Life planning and document storage sites keep all the information in a central digital location. Legal documents such as a will or durable power of attorney can be created on-line.

Some sites offer funeral planning, and virtual memorials and funeral services. They can even create and send the announcements or invitations. The following sites address such things as to what to do with and how to use a loved one’s social media account or on-life digital profile post-death. Elders today are the baby boomers of yesterday and you would be surprised to know how many elders use technology and social media to stay in contact with friends and family.

Today, there are sites that will allow families that live apart to be able to access one central site, and contribute to the End-of-Life process with ease. Upload photos, post donations, share memories and stories online for a lasting tribute to a loved one. These sites provide an opportunity in which families can plan for end-of-life with the least amount of in-fighting as possible to ensure the desired outcome of their loved one.