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  • What Is The Best Age To File For Social Security?

    Q: Many people think that age 70 is the best age to retire and file for social security retirement benefits because they assume they will be collecting the maximum possible benefit since they had waited the longest possible time to collect. While this certainly sounds reasonable, is this actually how it works and are there […]

  • What Are Social Security Claim Strategies?

    Q. I was under the impression that when you reach a certain age, you have the right to begin receiving Social Security benefits and that the earlier the age, the less you receive by way of benefits. This seemed rather simple, but I have recently been told there exists not-so-known rules within the Social Security […]

  • How Many People Need Long Term Care?

    Q. On a national basis, how many people will need long term care, who provides it and how much how much on average does it cost? A. The national statistics concerning long-term care are as follows: Who needs long-term-care? Nearly 70 percent of Americans who reach the age of 65 will need some form of […]

  • Where To Store Personal Belongings And Important Legal Documents Safely?

    Q, My mother is 89 years old and wants to make sure all of her belongings and essential documents are safely stored and will be easily accessible to her children when she passes. These include legal documents as well as precious items such photographs, diaries and creative writings. Are there services that handle the safe […]