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  • Legal & Financial Questions – Preparing Your Aging Parents

    When it’s time to discuss long term legal and financial options and how to best prepare for them, we recommend you have a conversation with your loved ones as early as possible. If you believe your loved one is ready to openly discuss long term care issues, and the legal and financial issues that come […]

  • What Your Mom or Dad Need To Know – Elder Care Options

    According to the Administration on Aging, family members are the primary providers of long-term elder care in the United States. Being a caretaker places a heavy burden on family members both emotionally and financially. For this reason alone, it makes good sense to approach your loved one with a compassionate and informed discussion regarding long-term […]

  • Being Your Parent’s Caregiver & Advocate – Handling The Stress

    Q. It was early morning when I was awakened by a call that my mother had suffered a massive stroke. My father had died about a year earlier from Cancer. My younger sister had taken care of our father and now it was my turn. I rushed to the hospital where the emergency room physician […]

  • Preventing Falls – Elder Caretaker Tips

    For elders, no injuries are as risk intensive and dangerous as suffering a serious fall. As we age, our bones dehydrate, lose density and become brittle. By the time we reach our senior years, the ability to safely ambulate and keep one’s balance becomes more difficult and requires more support and assistance from others. According […]

  • Life Insurance – A Source For Needed Cash

    Q. I am a 68-year-old veteran. I lost my wife about three years ago to cancer. My wife did not have life insurance. I have a small life insurance policy from Prudential that has been costing me about $76.00/month for the past 15 years and is supposed to pay out $250,000 upon my death. I […]

  • Right To Die Becomes Law In California 2015

    Q. My father is 89 and suffers from end-stage cancer. The doctors have told us that his condition will not improve and is terminal. My father is in severe and unremitting pain. He is has gone through two rounds of Chemotherapy but the cancer keeps spreading. The Oncologist told us that in all probability he […]

  • Adult Day Care Centers For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

    Q. I work during the day and care for my father in the evening. My 82-year-old father was just diagnosed with the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease. My father currently lives with my two teen children and me. I can’t afford daytime nursing care. What other cost-effective options do I have with respect to caring […]

  • Common Diseases Of The Elderly

    No one likes to admit they are getting older, even when they begin to experience clinical signs of age-based diseases. A common response is, “Well…what do expect…I’m no kid anymore….” This kind of response to experiencing troubling physical symptoms should not be shrugged off – it should be taken seriously – since there are many […]

  • Aging And Emotional Wellbeing – Is There A Connection?

    This might come as a surprise, but recent studies are finding that people actually tend to get happier as they age – not the reverse. When we reach middle age, that’s another story. In truth, people are most depressed when they reach middle age. In our middle age, we have painfully realized that our youth […]