November 2015

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  • Aging Brains –Keeping Your Aging Parent Mentally Sharp

    Q  My mother has just turned 70 and is beginning to show signs forgetfulness. She is starting to forget things she used to remember like taking her car keys and being unable to remember phone numbers that used to be second nature to her. She even sometimes forgets the day of the week it is. […]

  • My 88 Year Old Father Refuses To Give Up Driving….

    Q. My father is turning eighty-nine in five months and our family is concerned that he is still driving. While he is in decent physical condition for his age and is witty and charming as ever, we can’t help but think it might be time for Dad to give up driving. The problem is that […]

  • California Elder Law Centers And Elder Care Directories

    In California, being able to find reliable information on Elder Law Centers and Elder Care Services can be an essential part of your mobile search for your loved one, especially if you are in immediate need of locating Senior Living Services such as finding the right Home Care Nursing Service, Board-and-Care facility, Retirement Home, as […]